Pastor Darryl & Lady Lawanne' Grant

Mission Statement: The mission of iConnect After School Academy is to yield a safe haven for school age children post traditional school hours providing services that meet the needs of children and their families by connecting them to academic achievement, group learning, leadership principles, applied learning, and cultural opportunities that prepare youth for the future.

Goal: The primary goal of iConnect is to equip, prepare, and empower school age children to excel academically, be diverse culturally, and to lead ethically.

Core Values: No challenge is to great to overcome when connected to the right source.

Objective: To accomplish the mission and goal of iConnect After School Academy, the following services are offered:

  • Tutorial services
  • Age appropriate leadership principles
  • Applied learning activities
  • Team Building
  • Quarterly outings promoting cultural and/or academic awareness

Who's Who?

Executive Director: Oversees the entire operation of iConnect ASA.

Program Director: Coordinates daily operations of iConnect ASA.

Group Leader: Directly responsible for executing the daily agenda for participants of iConnect ASA.

Volunteers: Individuals who willingly assist towards accomplishing the overall goal of iConnect ASA.

Participants: School age youth between the ages of 4 - 12 years old.

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